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Pauline Tantot

Pauline Tantot is a famous French model, businessperson and social media personality. Born on 29 December 1994, Pauline’s birthplace is Bordeaux, France. 29 December makes her share her birthday with Jude Law, Marco Antonio Solís, Alison Brie and others, with Capricorn is her zodiac sign. Pauline does represent French and Persian roots. She does believe in helping others, which is her way of thanking God. Pauline’s nationality is French.  

Physical Stats of Pauline Tantot

Pauline is a very stylish lady, standing 5 feet and 7 inches. She weighs around 53 kg. Light brown eyes, brown hair and fair do make her look great. Her body measurements are 37-27-36 inches. Her bra size is 34C, making her cup size C. Pauline’s shoe size is 7 (Us). She has done multiple cosmetic surgeries for taking her looks to the next level. Pauline has not made any tattoos on her body, unlike her famous sister Mathilde Tantot, who has even more followers on Instagram. She is a huge advocate of fitness too. 

Pauline Tantot: Hobbies and Stats

  • The hobbies of Pauline Tantot are dancing, swimming, travelling and watching movies or series.
  • She does watch most movies or series; with she loves the work of Will Smith. 
  • Pauline is a huge fan of French wines – but she does not smoke. 
  • Pauline does love to spend her time in coastal areas. 
  • She is a huge football fan, backing Bordeaux. 
  • Pauline does like to talk about her modelling career a lot. 
  • She is a huge fan of French, Persian and Indian cuisines. 
  • She does like to spend holidays in Spain and Italy in Europe as they are near France.
  • Pauline can speak fluently French and English languages.
  • Pink and blue are her two beloved colours. 
  • Pauline does like expensive cars and places in life. 
  • Her beloved car brand is Mercedes. 

Pauline Tantot: Early Life 

Pauline holds the fabric of Bordeaux, France, where she was born and brought up. She has not shared the names of her parents – but is very much fond of her father and mother. Her sister Mathilde Tantot is also a famous model, possibly, more famous than her after seeing her Instagram followers. 

Pauline was not a great student academically – as she had a dream of becoming a model. It did make her famous at school, receiving many love letters. Pauline did like watching cartoons while growing up, living a very good childhood. It was just a blessing for both sisters. 

Pauline Tantot: Love Life

Pauline Tantot must be dating handsome men or must be in a great relationship. However, she does not like sharing images of her boyfriend like her sister. It is indeed her way and should be respected very well. 

Pauline Tantot: Professional Career 

A well-known model, businessperson and social media personality, Pauline Tantot has indeed done and doing it all. She co-owns a brand with her sister named KHASSANI. It is famous for making swimwear. As both sisters do model for it, they do save money and make a huge impact.

Pauline Tantot
Famous model Pauline Tantot

Appearing in top magazines has never been a hard task for her. She does work with top fashion brands like Fashion Nova and all. It does show her worth. She also owns a brand like POPSGYM, which is there for gym wear. is her contact for business-related queries. She is indeed a top professional who is earning very well.

Pauline Tantot: Sister Power 

Pauline Tantot and Mathilde Tantot are two top sisters, with more than a combined 16.2 million followers on Instagram. They do business together and do have great careers as models. For every father and mother, it must be a dream to watch both doing great. They do make great examples to follow for several people around the world. 

Social Media

Pauline Tantot has more than 6 million followers on Instagram. One can know many things about her on her Instagram handle. Just like her sister, she pays her all attention to making her Insta profile look great. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Pauline Tantot is estimated at around USD 2 million. She is a very rich lady who does do a lot of charity work. It does show her class. 

Exclusive Content   

Pauline Tantot and her sisters are on OnlyFans and they have their personal way of earning money from these types of platforms. They do it because they love it. Also, their loved ones do not have any problems. Hence, it does not look unethical in a way. It is legal and they are happy with it. What more one can one ask for? 

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