Tantot Twins: Biographies, Age, Career, Sisters, Net Worth

Tantot Twins

It is the dream of every father and mother to have their children working and earning well. Tantot Twins, Pauline and Mathilde are top models and social media personalities. They do have combined over 16.2 million followers on Instagram. 

It does make them the powerhouse. They do love each other well and do have businesses running like a unit. Many models would dream of reaching their levels as they are just out of this world in many eyes. It makes them special. Hence, let us know more about the lives of the Tantot Sisters.

Tantot Twins: Basic Introduction

Tantot Twins are two top models from France. Pauline and Mathilde Tantot were born on 29 December 1994 in Bordeaux, France. It does make their zodiac sign Capricorn. They have French nationality, do follow French and Persian roots and do follow the religion of humanity. Mathilde’s boyfriend is Martin Offenstein, who is a famous model, while Pauline has not shared much about the same. 

Tantot Twins: Physical Stats 

Tantot Twins are two good-looking ladies. Mathilde stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall, while Pauline’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Both do take care of their bodies really well; hence, Pauline weighs around 53 kg and Mathilde’s does hold 59 kg of weight.

Tantot Twins
Two beautiful French models

Pauline’s body measurements are 37-27-36 and Mathilde body measures around 34-26-37 inches. Both do have brown eyes and hair and fair white skin. They both have done cosmetic surgeries and do love to go to the gym.   

Tantot Twins: Early Life   

Tantot Twins were born on 29 December 1994 in Bordeaux, France. They have noted told the names of their parents. However, both sisters are very much connected to family and they get their basic studies from Bordeaux. However, they did not like to study as much as modelling and all. They much have got over 1,000 love letters.    

Tantot Twins: Love Life

Tantot Twins do date handsome hunks. Pauline has not talked much about her love life. However, Mathilde is in love with model Martin Offenstein. Pauline must be in a relationship – but she does not like to post it on Instagram. 

Tantot Twins: Professional Career 

Both sisters are models, businesspersons and social media personalities. They do have separate modelling contracts. Both have appeared on the coverages of top magazines. Hence, it does show how greatly they have moved forward. Hence, it does create a magical aroma.

Tantot Twins
Good-looking sisters

They have opened a brand named KHASSANI. https://www.khassaniswimwear.com/ is their website. Mathilde also has done work in a movie named Little White Lies 2. It does show their class. Hence, it does make them look stable.

Social Media   

Tantot Twins are just too good on social media. Mathilde has over 10.2 million followers on Instagram, while Pauline has more than 6 million followers. They have indeed too many followers. 

Net Worth

Mathilde’s net worth is estimated at around 3 million, while Pauline has it around 2 million USD. They are two rich ladies who are massive.

On Exclusive Platforms  

Tantot Twins are famous for their Exclusive Platforms. They are on OnlyFans. Despite they do earn well from other places, OnlyFans does attract them. Hence, they are there. It has made them famous around the world other than their modelling class. It does divide opinions. However, it is what it is. They are happy with this – and it is making them money.  

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