Flying Pokemon: Everything To Know About

Flying Pokemon

Flying Pokemon: Introduction

An overly adorable character that is fictional and has yet become dear to everyone due to its magnificent design. Surfing Pokemon was first introduced to the Pokemon world as a part of the issue of 7 of CoroCoro Aniki, released on November 15, 2016. This mindful evolution of a Pikachu to overcome its weakness by learning how to fly is a legend Pokemon lovers would never want to miss. A flying Pikachu Card is still considered a Secret Rare rarity by the connoisseurs (Flying Pokemon).

 The flying Pikachu was noticed in the opening of Pokémon Yellow, Pokéwalker’s Yellow Forest and other features as well. Most probably, Surfing Pikachu may have served as an inspiration for Alolan Raichu, which surfs on its tail, riding electrical currents.

A Flying One: Flying Pokemon

 Since childhood, we all have loved to wait for the special versions of Pikachu! They are of course something exciting that highlight the Pokemon series tradition. It’s high time you check out this latest edition of the classic Surfing Pikachu, so cool that many of us 90’s kids would be carried away to their golden time memories (Flying Pokemon).

Flying Pokemon
Magic of Flying Pokemon

 We’d like to make a note here that Flying Pikachu was a limited-time appearance in Pokemon Go. As a tribute for the 5th-anniversary celebrations such as the return of The Undertaker in WWE. A Lightning-type Basic Pokémon card, Flying Pikachu could be found only in Pokémon Snap taking the name “Balloon Pikachu” and is considered of Secret Rare Rarity. For more updates, visit:

 Secret Rare Rarity: 

 A card so rare it may just be a rumour – said someone rightly!  

 Commonly known as a Surfing Pikachu, a rare card was released through the Pokémon League in August 2001. Generally considered a weak one, one should never forget the ability of Pikachu to generate powerful electricity waves that can sack anything at once with super ease. June 2021 marked the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go, which means there had to be something to look forward to. What came to surprise was the biggest accolade given to the Flying Pikachu by making it available as a special version of Pikachu. An ultra-cool variant that many of us 90’s kids bought and played over-excitedly with (Flying Pokemon).

Flying Pokemon
Famous Flying Pokemon

On Pokemon Go’s 5th birthday, Pikachu hit the game for being the most favourite for all. Pikachu of course can’t obviously fly for having no wings, but instead loves to float across the sky wavily enough to make this card exclusive. So you’ll have a longing to catch one while you can.

 Pokemon games have never ceased to disappoint folks around the globe due to the cute creatures all across the arena. Be it cool monsters, sensual looking creatures that can cause havoc in a minute, or an extremely dangerous-looking giant which is good for nothing. Pokemon is always full of surprises. Facing criticism of being something beyond understanding at the onset, the Pokemon franchise over time has become a cultural phenomenon.

But the major question that holds all the attention is why do people have a never-ending craze for the Pokemons and trading them at a whopping price with having no such intrinsic value.

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