Fish Pokemon: Everything To Know About

Fish Pokemon

Fish Pokemon: Intro

People in the Pokemon world are not very different from me, you and all of us. They live, they love, and they eat too. Across generations, there have been various fish pokemon amusing us. Undoubtedly, fish Pokemon score high on the cute scale however failing to prove battle utility. Their design still makes them everyone stop and stare. Like we did!

 Pokemon cards’ admiration shows no signs of decline, with connoisseurs prepared to spend thousands on unopened boxes and the most exclusive of cards. One of my most popular interests of childhood includes hoarding the Pokemon cards and dealing with them in our own street-smart game of gambling. Never have I ever been so hooked to something so fictional yet amusing. But today we’ll find out which are the most expensive Pokémon cards of them all? 

 Why So Crazy Over Pokes?: Fish Pokemon

We have learnt that one of the first English-language Pokémon cards ever produced, was a Blastoise foil card that sold for a whopping $360,000 at Heritage Auctions, Dallas on January 14th, 2021. I personally love Magikarp. By far, the best Pokemon. That’s right–the Pokemon everyone deemed useless is not quite as lame as you imagined. For real, Magikarp deserves the title Pokegod. One cannot spell Magikarp without Magic.

Magic in Magikarp’s means one is so awesome he doesn’t need to follow the literary guidelines. On top of that fact, it majorly always looks look way more intimidating than it is! So many chics would want to hang around with me if I were Magikarp. Magikarp is an underdog, and underdogs are always the best. Likewise, I believe for all the fish Pokemons. A lot of Pokémon are common and easy to find, while others require a lot of experimentation. Hopefully, this article will help you reiterate your love for fish pokemon.

Fish Pokemon
World-famous Fish Pokemon

 Wishiwashi! I mean just saying the name makes one fall in love with this fish Pokemon. An overly-adorable, Wishiwashi is known as the Small Fry Pokémon and yet one of the weakest water types. A cute figure with teary eyes and an ever-present helpless expression, Wishiwashi seems to be an easy target for predator Pokémon, but this tiny fish has a finesse in evading.  For more updates, visit:

Magikarp & Others

 Fish Pokémons are highly inspired by creatures that exist in Earth’s bodies of water, portraying the coral reefs or at the pitch-black bottom of the sea. Over time, The Pokemon franchise has created numerous grumpy, creepy, and surreal monsters for lovers to collect over the last 26 years. One of the most adored Pokemon in history is Magikarp, for many best reasons. But no one understands why is Pokedex so mean to Magikarp and other fish Pokemons? (Fish Pokemon).

Fish Pokemon
What does make Fish Pokemon famous?

 A major question remains at the centre- what’s the point of collecting the cards? It is to build a powerful deck of that may help you win the battle over other trainers. But the story is not the same for everyone. Some just build a collection because they love to. We all love the Raichu way too much that we often forget to admire the likes of fish Pokemons for our loss itself.

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