Versace Belts: Take your look to an edge

Versace Belts

A look is always incomplete without accessories. One of the most versatile and multiutility products is a Versace Belts. A belt in itself is a statement, thus, high-end brands like Versace has made it easier for people to choose and to ramp up their style statement with the Versace belts. Their luxurious handcrafted belts are bold pieces to make you feel no less than a celebrity.

QUALITY: Versace Belts

A classic Versace belt is made from high quality and supple calf leather with a three-dimensional medusa buckle. It is a well-crafted accessory meant for men and women.

Since it is a luxury product of a high-end brand, it is obvious that it is not going to be affordable. A Versace belt is a commodity that is meant to flaunt your bank balance. Thus, mens variety is priced from 30,000-75,000 whereas womens variety starts from 40,000-95,000. However, we can strongly say that it is a statement item one should invest in.

FAKE VS REAL: Versace Belts

Now, there is no limit to replicas in the market, for cheaper rates one can be tempted into buying these fakes and even can be fooled into buying cheap fake copies for higher prices.

Versace Belts
What makes them special?

To check the originality of the product, Versace claims to use the Certilogo security feature, which is a twelve digit security code that is attached to every label. Additionally, real Versace belts will have more detailed belt buckles than the original. Fake belts are known for having larger screws. Real Versace belts will be made of high-quality leather and have uniform stitching.

STYLES: Versace Belts

There are various styles in which these belts are available such as leather material, ribbon material, chain belts for women along with heavy and embellished buckles defining the brand’s heritage. For more updates , visit:


A belt is the most useful yet stylish accessory and one must invest in a good, durable yet speak in itself product, thus only luxury brands like Versace offers bold and beautiful items which should be added to your wardrobe collection.

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