Proxyium: Revealing the performance of proxy servers


In today’s age, there are multiple places where a person works or uses the internet, and not in all places, it is indeed possible to have the allowance to open certain websites. This makes the task for the user who can’t live without opening the website easy as with just the proxy website it is possible to open it. This is where Proxyium comes as it lets a person open any link or website without any problems. . In this article, we will discuss Proxyium and its complete work so that you can get an idea of how to use it.

Proxium: An Overview

Proxyium provides a free web service, yet, in a broader sense, proxies are used for a variety of purposes. The proxy acts as a bridge between the user and the Internet. Employing a proxy server empowers users to obscure their IP address, bypass geographic restrictions, strengthen privacy and security, and access otherwise inaccessible websites or content. It allows you to operate your favorite websites without installing a VPN and through it you can operate all the famous entertainment websites like YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram and adult websites with secure and fast access.


 How does Proxyium work?

Proxyium is a proxy website or app. It can be used to open any website like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or more for free. Just typing the URL, it can open any website as a proxy server that creates a gateway between your system and the internet with multiple layers.  And with changing location from India to let us say Poland, it is very much easy to open any website. It makes the server feel that the app is being opened from outside the restricted place. There are offices and colleges where some of the websites can’t be opened. But a website or app helps in changing this perspective.

How to open a website on Proxyium .Com?

  • First of all open the browser and type the URL: https://proxyium .com.
  • Now it will land a person on the homepage.
  • It is time to enter the URL in the put URL section on the center of the homepage.
  • Now pick the host of nations where you want to change your location for adding a proxy server. This would be just on the right-hand side of the URL section.
  • Now click on the Go button and it will open a website.
  • If you want to open YouTube, enter the URL and it will open the homepage of YouTube.

How to download the Proxyium APP?

  • It is very simple to download this app.
  • It starts with just opening the Play Store and entering Proxyium.
  • Now install the app like you do usually.
  • And this is it, the app would be ready to download for free.
  • Or you can download the APK file and then install the app by typing this app.

Both are ways that can help a user to download the app for free.


 Proxyium’s Features

  • Good UI

That does have a simple user interface. And it is not very hard to use it also. Like even a first-time user is capable of using the proxy server to open the website. It has been made with a simple white theme and that helps in making the look and feel of the website very good.

  • Works mostly

This app does not show any website that they can’t open. Hence, it is very easy for a person to trust it and use it from time to time to open those websites that are restricted.

  • Blog

Related to proxy and website, that is a blog section where there writers write about how different chances can make the working system of the website change more. It is better to read the blogs to know how well can one use them. 

  • User cases

As per the demand, they have created three sections in the form of General, YouTube, and website unblocker proxy. This is how it helps the different needs of users to find the best way to open the website or link they want.

 Pros of Proxyium

  • It helps office workers and students to open restricted websites or links.
  • There is no need to pay any penny to use the website.
  • They came up with both an app and a website.
  • They do not change the URL of their website, unlike many other third-party websites.
  • They use Google ads, so it shows the website is legit and approved by Google for ads.
  • They have an SSL certificate, which makes the website safer.
  • The UI of Proxyium is very good.
  • There is no need to even sign up.
  • Nor do they ask for bank details or personal information.

Cons of Proxyium

  • Using Proxyium at the office, school, or college can be restricted.
  • It can open some of the links that can promote indirect piracy.
  • This does disturb the working culture in a way.
  • The website changes the location of a system and that can be harmful for a company.

Is Proxyium’s safe?

Proxyium does change the location of a system to open a website or a link. Hence, it is not 100 percent safe to say if this app is there to be seen as the best way to use the proxy. In case you get caught at the office or school using that app or opening a link that is banned, then it can lead a person to major problems. But that does not mean at all that it is the fault of the website makers as they do not say to use the website for bad reasons. In fact, it is made, so the user data can remain safe and away from those who would use it for all the wrong reasons. So, it is safe to use the website.


Proxyium’s Alternatives

There might be a time when your system can’t open Proxyium’s and at that time, having alternatives can be good as they work in a similar manner.

  • PlainProxies
  • CroxyProxy
  • BlockAway
  • DontFilter
  • Kproxy
  • UnblockMyWeb

These are some of the most trusted websites that are the competition of this app. So yes, it is easy to open any website using any one of them in case your favorite website does not work.

How to contact Proxyium?

In this case, a user wants to connect with the Proxyium’s team. Then open the homepage at scroll through the bottom. This would show the Contact Us section, where only via mail it is possible to content. Type your name, email address, subject, and content, and send it to the team. And then they will revert you via email. But as they do not share content numbers, this way they can’t be connected.  


Proxyium is a proxy browser that is not VPN as it does not allow files to be shared through servers. For all the people who are not able to open YouTube or Instagram at the office, this is indeed a great browser to open any website. The usage of a proxy can be great in terms of adding the protection your system needs. And with Google ads approved for the website, it does not seem a risk to use it. Like any link or website you wish to open, it is possible with the website or you can use it in the form of an application.

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