Aunt Cass – A Supporting character in Big Hero 6

Aunt Cass - A Supporting character in Big Hero 6

Hiro and Tadashi’s parents’ cousin is Aunt Cass. She has lived in San Francisco since her childhood and was friends with Diego Cruz, frequently visiting Joe’s Diner with him until Cruz moved out of town one day. Aunt Cass played softball in college and became quite athletic as a result.

Cass is a tenderhearted woman who adores her nephews above all else his meme is also famous on social media, you can also check by searching aunt cass meme. She is very loving towards them, but she also knows when to be strict and firm. This is demonstrated when she picks them up after they have been released from prison. She hugs them and asks if they are all right before lecturing them on how much they bothered her.

Aunt Cass personal life

Cass appears to be a very excitable, talkative person who is usually in a good mood. Cass is also very business-savvy and hardworking due to her experience managing a restaurant and a home at the same time, which has influenced her firm but motherly demeanour. She is also understanding and did everything she could to help Hiro deal with his grief following Tadashi’s death.

Cass raised both of her nephews as best she could for the next ten years, despite admitting she lacked parenting knowledge and frequently worried about not doing a good job, despite Tadashi and Hiro’s assurances.

Aunt Cass relationships

Hiro and Tadashi’s aunt is a cass. Hiro’s illegal bot fighting tends to stress her out and cause her to “stress eat,” but she still loves him and vice versa. Cass is extremely supportive and proud of his abilities, and she was overjoyed when his Microbot exhibition earned him an invitation to the San Francisco Institute of Technology.

She, like Hiro, lamented Tadashi’s death. Cass would bring food to Hiro after Tadashi died because he went into a deep depression and refused to leave his room for two weeks. She tried to persuade him to attend college because Tadashi would have wanted it and she wanted him to heal, but he remained silent, so she decided to give him space. She was overjoyed and hugged Hiro when he left his room for the first time in two weeks and lied about going to register for classes.

Overall, the two have a good relationship and are close, especially since they are each other’s only known close relatives. It’s worth noting, however, that Hiro keeps his superhero identity hidden from her. This is most likely because she has shown concern for Hiro and disapproves of him engaging in dangerous activities (such as bot fighting), and after Tadashi’s death, she may forbid him from continuing to be a superhero because it would endanger his life.

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